Welcome to our blog!
We are 3 girls on a budget. A very tight budget. Our obsession with make up (nail polish in particular) is very recent. Ever since we went on a trip to Rotterdam together we fell in love with nail polish and nail art. The rest of the make up kaboodle sort of followed.

So who are we:
Us, that's Laure, Lilly and Ellenora. Variations on our birth names but these will do in the lovely world of internet land.

We'll each talk a little about ourselves now. Warning: ego tripping to follow!

Laure: I'm the baby of the group, born and raised in East Flanders, Belgium. Like my comrades, I'm a recent nail polish convert. When I was a little girl, my older sister had a collection of nail polishes, but I never had any patience for it, seeing as back then it took forever to dry. During a school trip to Rotterdam, Ellenore convinced the group to go buy Essence and Catrice polishes. That was the beginning of a serious polish and by extension, make-up addiction.

Favourite brands: I haven't tried many brands so far, but I'd say Catrice.

Lilly: I'm a stubborn Capricorn born in West Flanders, Belgium. I'm quite the animal lover, at one point in time I owned 5 cats, 2 dogs, 5 chickens, 2 little songbirds, 2 hamsters, a numerous amount of aquarium fish and some goldfish in the pond outside. Unfortunately, they didn't share my passion of photography and were nowhere to be seen when I was running around with my camera(s). Today I can still share my love with my affectionate dog and my 3 crazy cats.
In the beautiful land of Makeup, I'm still a newbie. I've just recently started experimenting with mascara, eye pencils, lip stain and more. The only thing I am currently improving at is applying nail polish. (Yes, I still poke myself in the eye when trying to use an eye pencil)
One thing I have tried my whole life is different hair styles (and colours, a few years ago my hair was a bright orange).
Fav brands: Essence (Considering I'm still trying to find out how to use most of the makeup stuff, I'm very low on budget)

Ellenora: Born in the glorious tiny speck that's called Belgium but by cultivation half Brittish by the time I turned 20. Moved to Lovely London just before my 21 first birthday but had to return shortly after. I still have my heart set on that city. I love Britain (God save the queen!) but I've only seen London and Reading (when i was about 4 but that hardly counts...). So on my to do list for the next 5 years is to discover more of the isles...
But make up wise (as this is a make up blog) I'm all about nail art. I love drawing and painting and having cute little faces/designs on my nails makes my day just a little bit more of a happy one :D
Fav brands: Catrice!!!! Essence is a close second.

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