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Swatches | Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 01 & Apocalips in Aurora

Hi Lovelies,

Today a mini haul and swatches of some lipy products. All excited? Good so are we!

Today is going to be an example of something we announced awhile ago but is finally happening: a dual post written by Ellenore (mostly) and pictures by Laure.
We're going to get chit chatty about these to lovely lip products:
- Kate Moss Lipstick in 01
- Apocalips in Aurora

Just look at these lovely babies! Both have nice packaging. Not something to absolutely swoon over but none the less nice to look at. Both of these were purchased by Laure but Ellenore ended up with Aurora. As I tend to ramble on a bit I put the actual review bits in italics.

First up Kate Moss Lipstick in 01:

This is the Lasting Finish lipstick range by Kate Moss in the black packaging with the red signature. I (Ellenore) own one of the ones from the matte range which sports the red packaging with a black signature.

This is what Laure has to say about it: 
It doesn't keep the same intensity for the entire period you wear it, but as the intense red (almost bordering on burgundy next to my skin tone) decreases, it leaves a pleasant wash of colour on your lips that gives the impression of having just been kissed.
I don't know why I (Ellenore,... we'll have to find an other way of doing this...) am writing this as my chummy clearly has a glorious way of describing things!

Next up is Apocalips in Aurora:

Aurora has been owned by both of us. Laure bought it, tried it and decided she didn't really liked the shade on her. (Laure: My mom said the shade did nothing for my skintone) Though I have never seen her wearing it, I can see why she would think that. Laure tends to gravitate towards cold shades. For those of us a little baffled by all this cold- warm, winter-spring seasonal thing, basically cold means colours with blue/ black/ green undertone. You can see what I mean very well in the swatches and in the picture of the lipstick above. You can see the shadows and highlight seem slightly blue.
Laure (and Lilly and Tine for that matter, ooh yes, an other hint about the mysterious Tine :) ) all gravitate towards cold colours. I on the other hand am in love with warm colours. I tend to like cold colours as well but they generally look really harsh on me while warm colours on a cold type will generally wash them out.

So Aurora, being warm toned, ended up with me. To be honest out of all the Apocaliptic lip laquers this wouldn't be one I would have gone for.
But I am so happy Laure made a fail purchase (sorry chummy), because I love it!
It is just so nice on the lips! It's instant glam but not too overpowering. I was in love with the red one 04 Big Bang from this range but was afraid to wear it out. I'm not a a center of attention kind of girl and anything that makes people take a second look (Belgium is NOT a make up county, red lips are a bizarre and utterly strange thing round these parts) generally freaks me out and I will avoid it. I know it's a bit silly because I really do love a red lip but I am human and a very shy one at that so getting stared at does stop me from doing things even though I know it shouldn't.

Enough rambling more about Aurora: it's this coral-y pink shade that is opaque in one go and shines as bright as a guy in neon pants. I love the handy doe foot (love that word, sounds so cute) applicator. It has this little reservoir that makes applying this baby child's play, one dip and a smooth swipe across the lips and you're all set.
It is a bit sticky, as in hairs get trapped in it but not 'I can't pull my lips apart, did they put superglue in this stuff' kind of sticky. And the stickiness fades. That kind of comes with the shine fading as well but you are still left with decent colour on your lips that will ultimately fade to a soft stain.

Swatches time:

Aurora - 01
Aurora - 01

What did you think about 01 and Aurora?
And our long awaited colab style of blogging?
Are you guys a fan of the italic style or is it more annoying than useful?

Lots of ♥ & Lots of love
Laure & Ellenore

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