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Garnier Miracle Skin cream | First impressions

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve been a true Insider and have been testing away with the Garnier Miracle Skin cream over the past weeks. First I want to say that I’m not being paid to say what I’m going to say. This is my honest opinion. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.
There is so much going on with this cream I don’t know where to start so maybe a structured approach is called for.

I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of the eye cream tube
First up, packaging: both creams comes in a handy tube. One with a click lid, the other with a twist lid. Nice and easy. The branding seems typically drugstore. I’m a sucker for packaging and this didn’t get me all excited. I’m not offended by it or anything but when I look around the drugstore crème department there are other products that get me way more excited. (Living in Belgium, which has to be the most boring beauty country in existence, that’s saying something) L’Oreal for example hit the mark with their latest skin perfection line, Garnier, not so much.

But packaging doesn’t get you very far. It might be satisfying to have a nice tube on the bathroom shelf to make you feel all classy but if the product in it is worthless, it’s just decoration that’s in the way.
The Miracle Skin cream comes with 2 products in its range: a day cream and an eye cream. 

Both creams come out the tube as white runny creams
Starting off with the day cream: Coming out of the tube, it’s a white cream. More on the runny side than firm but nothing of the sliding of fingers, getting all over the sink kind of runny. 

On closer inspection you can see the tiny little balls they describe on the packaging. Also white but you can’t really feel them. 

I was kind of surprised you can imagine when I noticed a slight orange glow when I way applying the cream! Apparently there is a light tinted moisturizer vibe going on. It’s nowhere on the packaging so I was wondering whether I had an experimental tube. A quick check on the insider blog taught me I wasn’t alone in my surprise. 

I’m not a huge fan of tinted stuff as it generally isn’t that good. Bad colour match, messy and not moisturizing enough. I can gladly say the Miracle Skin Cream suffers from none of these. The tint is just a tint and hardly noticeable even on my fair skin. I will hand Laure a sample size and see what her alabaster skin makes of it. But for even fair ladies it just ads a healthy glow. I still would have preferred it without. 

The cream smeared open lightly. You can see the tint though it looks more like a bonzer in the pictures in real life it is quite orange
I’m a bit of a sloppy one and you have to make sure you apply the cream nice and evenly or you might end up with an orange smear. It also isn’t messy. The tube at this point isn’t covered in orange muck (yet). It is however not the most moisturizing. For me it is more than enough. It is actually the only cream that doesn’t make my skin dump water when I put it on (Yes when I put on day cream my skin generally says “oh moisture? Let me dump the excess real quick and make you look like you’ve ran 10 miles”) and absorbs nice and quick without greasy  feeling. I would absolutely love this cream. It is absolutely perfect for my skin needs… however I seem to be reacting to it L My skin tends to go bumpy and blotchy when it doesn’t like a cream. It isn’t acne, just a tiny spot or two that I probably would get anyway, but the structure of my skin kind of changes and it becomes, well, kind of bumpy… I can’t really describe it any other way.
I wouldn’t say people with sensitive skin should therefore walk in a wide circle around it. A couple of fellow insiders with sensitive skin are absolutely fine with it.

The cream massaged into the skin so the tint merges with the skin tone

Enough rambling about the day cream and on to the real gem in the range: the eye cream! I have to say I love this stuff! I have wrinkles in  my under eye area. They have been there ever since I can remember but lately they had been getting a lot worse. I really wanted to get it fixed as I was starting to feel rather self-conscious about it. My eye area is already a source of annoyance as it is ( anything, really anything and everything creases on me. No matter what, how much or how many primers crease it will) and the wrinkles ( I don’t call them fine lines, totally over making it sound nicer than it looks) weren’t making it any better. Over the course of a year I have tried tons of different (eye) creams, ranging from a bargain to downright expensive and nothing seemed to work.
Thus I didn’t have much confidence in this little baby. Boy, has it proved me wrong! I can actually see the difference! The wrinkles are still there but appear a lot better! They almost seem to disappear!
The eye cream also has the tint thing going on but I haven’t noticed it. I can tell by the orange tint on my finger when I’m done applying but no orange panda eyes, even when I’m being sloppy.
The only drawback is that, well, my skin it has to act up. Using any eye cream leaves me with red flaky patches. (Fantastic right? I’ve been told my wrinkles are actually drought lines and moisturizing them turns the whole business into mini Atacama Deserts? Go figure) As I said, all eye creams have this effect on me and that isn’t going to stop me using it as I like everything else about it.

That also goes for the day cream. True, it has more drawbacks than the eye cream and there are more alternatives on that one (thinking about the Origins GinZeng moisturizer I totally wanted and then did not get last year in Edinburgh) I’m still pretty pleased with these products. At night I apply the Khiels Midnight Recovery Serum followed by the Wish Upon a Jar by Soap and Glory and that seems to counteract the blotchiness and the bumps. That in mind I will finish the day cream but probably won’t repurchase (beauty people out there know how hard a product has to work to get on the repurchase list) but until I find an eye cream that doesn’t turn my skin the colour of a blood orange (which will probably be never or totally out of my price range) I will be sticking with this one!

Overall conclusion for those of you who got sick of reading after line 3:

it works!

not really snazzy
tinted effect
not moisturizing enough

Are there any other Insiders reading this? If so leave a comment below I would love to know if you had a similar experience. If you’re not an insider but have used this as well, please leave a comment as well.
I will continue testing. If my opinion changes dramatically over the month, I will let you guys know. I will also try to post a final opinion on this product at the end of the trial period.

Lots of love


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