Thursday, 20 March 2014

Insiders campaign: Garnier Miracle skin cream

Hi lovelies,

it has been way too long. However you can expect some changes pretty soon. And this post is the  first step in that direction.

I have been selected to participate in an Insiders campaign for Garnier Miracle skin cream. This means I get to test this cream and tell all who wants to hear about it. I will be collecting my package tomorrow or Saturday (as soon as I can get to the store) and post a quick message on here to tell you guys what my first impressions are and how exactly this Insider thing is going to work. It's the first time I got selected for a campaign so this is pretty exciting for me!

As for some more teasers: I've been working on some posts and they are nearly all finished and should appear on there in the near future!

Lots of Love


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