Monday, 17 March 2014

A real fake aquarium ;-)

Hi everyone,

I recently moved out of my parents house and I've always had pets. I considered getting real fish to keep at my apartment studio, but that would mean I can't go on vacation for longer periods. So a fake aquarium with fake fish will have to do.

Last weekend I found some decorative glass fish (at Blokker, €1,99/piece) to put in real water (2 even hang on a wire that's connected to a ball that floats), but decided to buy water balls to fill up the space between the fish. I'm hoping this water won't discolour as fast as a full container of real water.

I used the clear plastic container that held the water balls as the aquarium tank. I left the balls in the container and just placed the glass fish inside. Fill up the empty space between the balls with water (so the balls become almost completely see-through), reposition the fish if necessary and you're done.

Maybe I should remove the wire from the blue and orange fish, they will float anyway being held up by those water balls. I might also buy a different vase or something that looks more like an aquarium.

I know this won't give me as much pleasure as a real aquarium with real fish would give me, but hey, I'm happy for now.

Anyone else got some good alternatives to a real aquarium?


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