Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nail Art | 'Negative Space' Roses

At the beginning of the year, Sammy of The Nailasaurus wrote a post where she explained she wanted to be inspired to do more nail art and wanted to inspire others to do the same. So she, Sarah (Chalkboard Nails), Leslie (work/play/polish) and Rebecca (Rebecca Likes Nails) started an initiative called The Lacquer Legion.

The Lacquer Legion - There will be one prompt per month, one date that everyone will post and a hashtag to use across social media so that it will be easy to explore everyone's nail art. This challenge should be fun and easy-breezy for everyone so you don't have to take part every month, just if and when you fancy it! - See more at The Nailasaurus

I decided to participate seeing as I'm always full of ideas for nail art, but I can be a little lazy when it comes to actually executing my ideas. So I figured this would put some pressure on me and I'd actually try out some ideas. And I did!

I'd been stuck with the idea for this nail art for some time, but I never ended up doing it. I'd wanted to do a nail art with roses again, but I wanted to give it a twist by introducing a negative space to the nail art. I decided the 'twist' I would add to my Roses nail art would be perfect for the prompt of the month January: Reinvention!

Finally, I chose to do the Roses nail art I'd had in mind and to leave a portion of my nails bare in the shape of a half moon chevron.

I'm quite proud that I pulled off this nail art on both my hands.
Winter means my cuticles are a mess...
My non-dominant hand doesn't suck. Whoooo, me!

Thumbs up for the thumbs! ;)

If you want to see the manicures everyone else did, you can use the hashtag #llreinvention to find them on social media:
twitter - instagram - tumblr - facebook.

I hope the new year has been great so far.

Lots of ♥,

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