Friday, 28 February 2014

Nail Art | Feline Face (ft. My Cat)

As I mentioned in my last post about Lacquer Legion, Lacquer Legion posts nail art prompts once a month.
Every month a new theme is given and the participants make a nail art revolving around the theme. This month the theme was Adoration (#lladoration).

Seeing as creativity is encouraged and you're allowed to interpret the prompt however you want, I decided to feature my (sister's) cat. (I adore him!) He's so sweet, cuddly and derpy, I knew I wanted to include him in a nail art sooner or later. I figured this prompt was the perfect occasion!

Because I love dotted manicures, I decided to add that to the mix. To bind the accent nail and the other nails together, I added a rhinestone on a black dot on every nail except the accent nail.

I'm quite proud of the freehanded accent nail and I hope these prompts will push me to improve on these skills. Hopefully I can keep up with the challenges.

If you want to see the manicures everyone else did, you can use the hashtag #lladoration to find them on social media:
twitter - instagram - tumblr - facebook.

Lots of ♥,

PS If you're wondering why I put 'my cat' in the title when talking about my sister's cat, it's because I take care of him so often he's practically mine... Cat auntie FTW!

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