Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nail Art | Christmas Sweater

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I did some Christmas nail art. Seeing as I like freehanding nail art (and I need all the practice I can get in that particular department), I figured I'd freehand a Christmas sweater nail art.

After protecting my nails by putting on a basecoat, I painted my nails with Catrice's Caught on The Red Carpet. While letting that dry, I searched online for Christmas sweaters and came up with the figures I used for my design.  When that was all done, I freehanded my design with Essence's Tip Painter in white. Afterwards I added Essence Better Than Gel Nails to even out the design and give it that glasslike shine.

 As you can see, my nails are in pretty dire shape, but at least I was able to give them some holiday spirit. ;)
I hope you like these nails. I know I sure did. :)

Lots of ♥,


  1. Wat een leuke nail art! Ik ben vanaf nu een nieuwe trouwe lezer van je :)
    Zou je elkaar willen volgen op Bloglovin en elkaars Fb pagina?
    Laat me maar iets weten op m'n blog!
    Dikke kus xoxo Nele

    1. Bedankt, Nele! :)
      Ik heb al een comment geschreven op je blog. Tot in de toekomst!
      ♥, Laure