Saturday, 16 November 2013

Whovember | The Snowmen

Hi Lovelies,

Today we bring you one of the more recent villans: The Snowmen from the 2012 Christmas special!

I really like these new villains! That's why we gave them a little tribute. And also I couldn't resist the snowflake shaped glitter.

This one is a topcoat filled with hollo and silver micro glitter, silver stars and white snow flakes! I got really exited with this one, but for some reason the snowflakes bent when I applied them so some of them stick out a bit. It looked really great over black but I had to go with nude undies because I went for a job interview before and had no time to do the undies again before taking these photos.

Wow, one week to go and it's the anniversary! I'm so exited! the real Whovians among us probably have already seen the mini episode with Paul McGann's 8th Doctor, but if you haven't it's really worth a look! As I have said at the start of this Whovember series I haven't seen any of the originals so any Doctor before 9 are uncharted territory for me. I really like 8th now I've seen this! I might have to reconsider not waiting to watch these...

It's called The Night of the Doctor and here it is:
of course all rights belong to BBC

Lots of Love


  1. I don't mind the nude undies ;-), it looks great! Where did you get the snowflakes?

  2. Schleiper. And they are by a Belgian brand as well! They weren't the cheapest however...