Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Whovember | Martha

Hi lovelies,

Ready for the second installment of companion week?

Each of these post will contain a bit of my thoughts on the character. I will put this in italic so you can skip that if you want to. Those are the bits that also may contain spoilers if you aren't up to date with the show yet.

Next up of course is Martha. The lovely Martha Jones wasn't a real favourite of mine at first. Coming from Rose and the great chemistry she had with the Doctor, it was always going to be hard to match. And at that time, I didn't think Martha did. I actually quite disliked her. But re-watching the episodes, I now have a real soft spot for Martha. She just had  the bad luck falling for the Doctor. Mind you if I were in her shoes, I'd be the same. I always felt a bit sorry for her and found her a bit weak for being so dominated by her crush (maybe because it rang true just a little too much?) But in hindsight, I find her to be one of the strongest companions out there. She and Donna definitely are at the top of the power woman list. But even more than Donna, Martha's actions were much more her own. She could have done so many things, more than any other companion she could just have walked away but no, she went and saved the world. You've go to respect a woman like that :p

So that being said, we felt like Martha deserved a polish that showed her will power and her classiness. In my mind it had to be a deep red/ burgundy kind of colour. Not much of a frilly sparkle or no loud glitter, that's not our Martha. We went for a creme finish with tons of gloss (tons, it's like a mirror at times) and a very subtle shimmer running through. Cause in the end Martha did shine.

The shimmer is not visible on camera and is very subtle in real life as well. During the mixing process the colour went from vibrant red to an almost brown before settling on this shade. Weirdly enough it looks a lot like a slightly darker version of her favoured leather jacket! It wasn't done on purpose, it just seemed the right hue for Martha.

Martha- shade

In some light it does appear more brown, my camera makes it look browner than it is on top of that but on my pinky here you can kind of see the array of hues this polish takes on in different light settings. I also really like the unintentional ombre effect.

Do you think we captured Martha alright?

Side note: bear in mind these are Franken polishes and we only make enough for this one application because we can't store all these different shades. So if something goes wrong we can't really do a quick touch up. All we can do is apply some top coat and hope for the best. So our excuses for some shoddy paint jobs.

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