Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whovember | Donna

Hi Lovelies,

Ready for some loud, shouty, goofy... Oi Spaceman! Yep it's Donna day today!

What other polish could be a Donna polish except a orange glitter bomb?

I love Donna. She is such a great pal to the doctor. And very much a grounded woman. Any other of the companions I would describe as dreamy, eager to believe in the world of the Doctor and every little quirk in it I would hesitate to ad Donna to that list. But boy does she embrace every quirk on her journey. She gave us lots of laughs but also moments of compassion, sadness and great will power. So that's why thought this polish would be right up Donna's street. 

The orange is obviously an ode to Donna's red tresses. And all the different coloured hexes symbolize Donna's loud but bubbly personality.

I actually love how this one turned out. At first it was more muted and a lot more glittery. It was nice and I really liked it. I might even like it a bit more than what it eventually became but it was just not Donna. Far too glittery giving it a bit more of a royal, show offy way. And if there's something else our Donna is it is a very down to earth and proud of her very ordinary back ground. Her granddad Wilf is one of my fave characters on the show. He has me in tears a couple of times.
Somewhere half way down the page is Wilf making me very happy every time I see it.

How do you find Donna?
Do you like the series so far?

Lots of Love

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