Monday, 11 November 2013

Whovember | Dalek

Hi Lovelies,

This week is Villain Week! And fist up: the Daleks!

The Doctor's most renowned adversary deserved to be first, don't you think?

For this polish we went for a bronze kind of colour with golden flecks running trough it. Also in there are some flakies that range from orange over gold to green. The turquoise glitter represents their bright blue glowing eye stalks.

Formula wise it's not the best. It's quite sheer. That caused that I ran out of the first batch before my nails were totally covered. Trying to blob on the semi dried polish on my pinky and ring finger made for those lumps on it. However I made a new batch and gave all nails an other 2 coats.

 I kind of liked how this one turned out. I might actually recreate it when one of my polish bottles runs out so I can store it.

Do you like this one as much as I do? Has our Villain Week started of ok?

Lots of Love

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