Sunday, 10 November 2013

Whovember | Clara

Hi lovelies

The last installment of companion week and the newest addition to the family: Clara! Another companion I wasn't to keen on when she was shown to the press but she blew me away in that first ep: Asylum of the Daleks! I loved the Oswin character and was really curious as how she was going to be a companion after that.

Clara has only been with us for a short time but what a time it has been. She has been in some of my fave episodes so far! I feel out of all the companions she's the one I can most relate to.

And for the polish? Well lovely Clara is all cute tea dresses and quirky style. But she showed during this series (season) she's way more than just a pretty face! But the Clara I have in my head when I think of her is her in the red dress from journey to the inside of the TARDIS. So that's what her polish is like.

A nice bog standard red, not to vampy, but certainly not orange toned like Amy's. And for some reason my camera wanted this to be orange as well. Guess that happens when you order it in The Netherlands.
No a primary colour red. Classy but more ordinary. Filled with black holo and multicolour square glitter and black hexes. Let's get a bit poetic here in saying the holo's many different colour appearences depending on the light represent Clara's many forms she took in saving the Doctor.

The formula on this one was sheer and runny. I was also in a rush putting it on so it's a bit lumpy. There's more or less 2 or 3 coats on different fingers. I had to go quickly about it because my batch was drying,

How have you found this  first Who week? Ready for week 2?
Have you guys got any suggestions for polish you'd like to see us do?

Lot of Love

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