Monday, 4 November 2013

Whovember | Announcement and first polish : Rose

Hi Lovelies,

As promised some time back there would be a themed month and that happens to be November. And it bears the name: Whovember! Guess what the theme is... Doctor Who!!!
More swatches and explaining after the jump!

Lilly and I both are massive Whovians (and it ain't getting better with time). Anyone who has heard about this show, will know that this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary. That's kind of a big thing. Really since,well, 50 years is a long time, especially for a TV show and a science fiction one at that! Now Lilly and I both got hooked on the new series, which is a revamping that kicked of in 2005. That being said, I actually haven't seen any of the original ones. I kind of want to share that with someone special. Someone who like me is crazy about this show but hasn't seen any of those older ones either. Anyone up for that? :P

So to celebrate that on our blog here, there was the idea to do a little something in the weeks leading up to the 50 year special. So we are going to do 3 themed Doctor Who weeks. First up is going to be companion week. Next up are the villains and the count down will happen with a variety of Doctor themed polishes. Yes you read it right it going to be all about the nails next couple of weeks.
And best or maybe worst, that has yet to be decided, is that all polishes will be Frankens make by us! We have recently been loving the world of Frankening but we're still pretty new at this so forgive us for nowhere near perfect formula's, dodgy glitter choices or overall wobbly-ness of the polishes.

But enough rambling up to the first polish: Rose

Well of course Rose had to be first. She was both Lilly's and my first companion and she saw doctor Who into it's new era.

For this polish, we decided on a lovely pink with golden shimmer and specks running through it. The specks aren't showing up on camera much but the slight shimmer/tiny glitter is more or less how it is in real life.

We though pink nicely represents Rose and a bit of googling shows me we're not alone on that one. However we didn't decide on pink because half the internet seems to think so. We had it in our heads before we consulted Google. Not only does Rose means pink in dutch, we felt like Rose was a very girly, young and innocent character. It also seems to match her lovely and kind nature and of course her love for the doctor that seemed as strong and pure as a first love.
The gold shimmer and specks represent her will power, belief in good and (of course) her Doctor and not to forget her brief stint at being Bad Wolf.

The colour also takes on a new dimention in the shade/ dark. I couldn't photograph this today as it has been raining all day and by the time I got to shooting these pics it was dark and I had to use my little studio set up. I haven't figured out to take shade pictures in that though.

What do you guys think? Did we do alright?
Who's polish are you guys most excited to see?

Lots of Love

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