Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whovember | Amy

Hi Lovelies,

Oh dear little Amelia. Amy and Eleven weren't my dream team when I first heard about them but one look at little Amelia made me change my mind immediately. Amy is the first companion that completely sold me in her first episode.

And has she given us a run for our money. Amy was the one we had most trouble finding a polish for. She didn't have a real "costume". When I say Rose I think pink jumpers, purple jackets, union jack and jeans. Martha is her power heel, burgundy leather jacket and black pants. Donna equals her brown coat and scarf. But give me Amy and I don't really know. Of course there's her red jumper number and the countless mini skirts but how do you do a mini skirt in polish?

Colour wise we came down to a muted kind of teal or a orangy red. The orangy red doesn't need explaining I think. The teal might need some more explaining. I think it matches her very well in series (season) 7. She's more grown up there, finding her feet. In the end it red it was, although my camera decided it should have been plain orange. In real life it's a firey red with dark red tiny glitter particles running though it. Also there are a few big hexes in there. I actually only wanted the blue and black ones or the blue and gold ones, but they came in this mix and there was no way they were going to be separated.

As said, I have a weak spot for Amy. But her goodbye was one of the saddest in my opinion. Probably because I could relate to her goodbye most. I can't really say I've had a lover dump me in a different dimension never to see him again nor have I not been able to remember some life changing moment (I wish I could though). Martha's goodbye I didn't find all that tearful. I was really happy for her and in some bizarre kind of way, I was really proud of her.
But for Amy... She sees the love of her life disappear just thinking they made it through. She has no idea whether the angel will take her to Rory or some entire different place in space and time where she will be all alone. But she still decides to take the chance but in doing so, she says goodbye not only to her best friend but also to her childhood dream. She has to let her raggedy man go. I can relate to that.

As you might have guessed by the amount of rambling I love Amy. But do you like the polish we've created for her?

Lots of Love

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