Thursday, 21 November 2013

Whovember | 9

Hi Lovelies,

Yes we're on the Doctor's latest 3 incarnations already!

Let me introduce you to 9!

Yes it's a dark one and yes it resembles All of Time and Space quite closely at first glance but they don't come close to being alike in real life.

9 had to be black, or at least have a black base. If not for is damaged personality (by the Time War) then for his all black wardrobe. But he also has this lovely wit and wonder about him that makes him I suppose the Doctor. When I thought about is catch phrase "Fantastic" I couldn't help thinking magenta hexes. I didn't have any so this magenta/purple glitter had to be the stand in. There's lots more fine glitter and micro glitter going on in there as well.

So that was 9, a little later than planned. I already have planned out the polishes for 10 and 11, I just hope I can find everything I need to make them.

How have you found this series so far?

Lots of Love

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