Saturday, 9 November 2013

Action | 3 new polishes

Hi lovelies,

To give you guys a break from the Doctor Who mania that's going on, here are some polishes you can actually go and buy for, wait for it.... a whopping 49 cents at Action.

I am redecorating my room, so that's why I was more absent of late. Painting the walls and the cupboard are a real challenge. I went for a high gloss look on the cupboard and I can tell you it wasn't a walk in the park. But all in all I'm quite happy with the results. I also went a bit crazy on the wall and opted for a sparkly colour...

Whilst on the look out for painters tape and cheap high gloss paint I went to Action and couldn't resist checking out the tiny make up section. There I was these single nail polishes. I hadn't noticed them before and was drawn to 2 of the colours I eventually picked up. I picked up a third because I figured I didn't own any colours like them. They're called: DNC 401- Fresco Blue, DNC 402 - Purple Love and DNC 403 - Milano Green.

They come in this cardboard/plastic packaging.

First up:
401 Fresco blue

Fesco blue jumped at be because it could be a form of TARDIS blue. (Thought you could escape Whovember in this post? Think again!)
The formula for all of these is very watery. It kind of shocked me at first. Therefore they pool like noting else. With this blue one it's especially a nuisance because it also stains quite bad as you can see on my middle finger. However despite being watery the coverage is ok. This is 3 thin coats. Drying time is fine as well. I think that has to do with the fact you have to do really thin coats to prevent pooling.

Purple Love is the little chameleon of the gang. This one can't seem to decide between purple and magenta depending on the light. Despite being told in school magenta is the worlds ugliest colour I actually quite like this one. I wasn't sure about it first and it's still my least favourite of the 3. But I do like it more than initally expected and I do see myself wearing it on it's own rather than just in a nail art.
Formula wise it is a little thicker than Fresco Blue but still quite runny compared to other polishes. Drying time is fast as wel but I did notice the wear on this was not to great. I had been wearing it for a day and I already had scratches an chipping on my index finger.

And lastly:

Milano Green is this lovely olive green with gold polish. I like these kind of shades especially for autumn and winter. This, berry colours and sparkles all the way are all that wil grace my nails this winter. They are a bit more muted but very luxurious.
The formula on this was the worst. This was watery, prone to major pooling and incredibly sheer. It also seemed to take longer to dry than the other two. I can't quite remember but I think the pictures above are 4 or 5 super thin layers. I might leave it open for a while, maybe it will get a bit goopier so it doesn't need as many layers.
It might seem a lot of trouble but I think it's definitely worth it. And for 49 cents you can't really go wrong can't you?

Have you guys spotted some other goodies at Action? I know they are getting the Christmas stuff out and there are so many pretties among them!
If you're not from Belgium or the Netherlands (a.k.a the Action Lands) are there any budget brands like this we need to keep our eyes peeled for?

Lot of Love

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