Sunday, 20 October 2013

Swatches | All Purples Eve

Like mentioned a few posts ago, Lilly made a franken polish for Ellenore and me. A franken nail polish is a nail polish you (or in this case, a friend) made, using a variety of ingredients.

The one Lilly made for Ellenore and herself is a dark blue nail polish with shimmers, named River and The Tardis. The personalised polish Lilly made me, is a dusty purple with faint, subtle shimmer, with the adorable name All Purples Eve.

Because my nails kept breaking, I held off swatching All Purples Eve to ensure that my nails were a little longer. I was going to let my nails grow still a little longer, but I couldn't wait any more, so here are the swatches!


While painting my nails yesterday, I was listening a playlist on 8tracks, when The Coolest Girl from A Very Potter Sequel came on. While rocking out to The Coolest Girl, for some unknown reason, I was overcome with the thought that it fit All Purples Eve. I love this song so much.

If you haven't seen A Potter Musical yet, you can watch it on Youtube. It's definitely worth a watch, as are the other Starkid productions. :)

One coat, yay! \o/
Little subtle shimmer visible

I used the Essence Better Than Gel Nails topcoat

The formula on this franken was magic. It was opaque in one coat. In fact, in the pictures I'm wearing one coat, even though I usually use two. The consistency was also good: not runny, not goopy.

And what really clinched it for me, was that All Purples Eve dried really fast. After about 2 minutes, it was dry! Completely surprised (and of course, pleased) me.

It dried to a satin finish, so I added the Essence Better Than Gel Nails topcoat (which might be my new favourite topcoat) to get a beautiful shine.

Thank you again, Lilly! You did an amazing job on this nail polish.

Lots of ♥,

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  1. I'm so happy you like it :-D. I will definitaly make some more frankens in the future. I didn't dream these first tries would come out okay :-)