Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Military Green

Hi everyone,

This time I'm posting a green Kleancolor polish.

Even though I bought this one about half a year ago along with my yellow, blue and purple Kleancolor polishes. I'm posting it now because I think it's a more dark colour suited for fall and winter.

105 Military Green by Kleancolor

I'm not superpsyched about the colour, I believe it's a tad too dark, but I'm very happy with the formula. This polish only needs one (thicker) coat to be completely opaque. Some of you may already know how I love it when you only need one coat. I'm always impatient when putting on nail polish, I never wait long enough between 2 coats, which sometimes gives me disastrous results. It dries quite nicely, with a lovely shine to it. It also doesn't take long to dry and harden.

Not sure whether I'll wear this polish often, but who knows what winter will bring, right?


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