Saturday, 19 October 2013

DIY Cat tent

Hi everyone,

Last Sunday I wanted to do something crafty. It was already after 9:00 PM so there wasn't much time left to do something. Earlier that day, I found several tutorials of how to build a cat tent with an old T-shirt (Just google "diy cat tent" and you'll find it). Considering I have 3 cats, I wanted to make 3 tents.

 What you need is an old T-shirt, pliers, tape, elastic bands, 2 metal hangers and some cardboard for underneath and to secure the metal wires.

Take the metal hangers apart with pliers, then bend them till you've got the right shape. Use tape to put around the ends of the wire so they are safe for your cats (those ends can be sharp). Place them in a cross over the cardboard and tape down securely. Next, use elastic bands to tie the holes of your T-shirt where your arms go and place the T-shirt over the construction. Then gather the excess fabric of your T-shirt at the back and secure with an elastic band. And that's all it takes to create your very own cat tent. I made my 3 tents under 40 minutes, while watching TV and with curious cats around ;-).

All three of my cats like these tents. I'll just have to look for some blankets or pillows to put inside so it'll be warmer and cozier when winter arrives. And maybe create something for my dog too, he was pretty jealous.

Has anyone of you made something for your cats, dogs, pets, ...?


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