Sunday, 20 October 2013

Swatches | All Purples Eve

Like mentioned a few posts ago, Lilly made a franken polish for Ellenore and me. A franken nail polish is a nail polish you (or in this case, a friend) made, using a variety of ingredients.

The one Lilly made for Ellenore and herself is a dark blue nail polish with shimmers, named River and The Tardis. The personalised polish Lilly made me, is a dusty purple with faint, subtle shimmer, with the adorable name All Purples Eve.

Because my nails kept breaking, I held off swatching All Purples Eve to ensure that my nails were a little longer. I was going to let my nails grow still a little longer, but I couldn't wait any more, so here are the swatches!


Saturday, 19 October 2013

DIY Cat tent

Hi everyone,

Last Sunday I wanted to do something crafty. It was already after 9:00 PM so there wasn't much time left to do something. Earlier that day, I found several tutorials of how to build a cat tent with an old T-shirt (Just google "diy cat tent" and you'll find it). Considering I have 3 cats, I wanted to make 3 tents.

 What you need is an old T-shirt, pliers, tape, elastic bands, 2 metal hangers and some cardboard for underneath and to secure the metal wires.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Military Green

Hi everyone,

This time I'm posting a green Kleancolor polish.

Even though I bought this one about half a year ago along with my yellow, blue and purple Kleancolor polishes. I'm posting it now because I think it's a more dark colour suited for fall and winter.

105 Military Green by Kleancolor

I'm not superpsyched about the colour, I believe it's a tad too dark, but I'm very happy with the formula. This polish only needs one (thicker) coat to be completely opaque. Some of you may already know how I love it when you only need one coat. I'm always impatient when putting on nail polish, I never wait long enough between 2 coats, which sometimes gives me disastrous results. It dries quite nicely, with a lovely shine to it. It also doesn't take long to dry and harden.

Not sure whether I'll wear this polish often, but who knows what winter will bring, right?


Saturday, 12 October 2013


Hi everyone,

Today I'm posting some pictures I took last month. I was wearing a dress with a somewhat 70's print and I wanted matching nails. So I searched through my nail polishes and found that two of the Max bottles from Action were the closest polishes I own to match the colours of my dress.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Funky Glitter

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, in September, when I was out shopping with Ellenora, I saw that Kruidvat had the Essence Limited Edition "Be Loud!". I managed to keep my no buy promise to myself in August, so I believe I deserved a new glitter polish.

Base coat: Studio Nails Pro White Nail Hardener by Essence
Mint colour: 01 Dive with me to the Island (Ticket to Paradise LE) by Essence
Glitter: 01 Not Punky nor Funky (Be Loud! LE) by Essence
Top coat: Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine by Essence

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

100th post | high end blog announcement

Hi Lovelies

It's our 100th post! Exactly 1 year after our first post! And to celebrate that something we have been talking about for weeks, but now it's finally happening! Our new blog is live!

As we have mentioned before, we started buying more expensive products and didn't think they had a home on here. The main goal of this blog is beauty on a budget and a polish that retails for 15 euros or a 40 euro palette does not fit that bill.

The reason for moving on to more expensive brands have been many and varied and probably different for each of us. One of the main ones however is that our favourite budget brands have been letting us down lately and that they just are becoming less budget. Catrice and Essence have up-ed their price and the gap with the other drugstore brands is becoming smaller.

For obvious reasons, we decided on a different name for our new blog. 3 Girls on a bigger budget didn't really cover the purpose of our new blog, so we had to brainstorm a little. We decided on Peanut+Monkey. For those of you who are curious about our new blog, you can go and take a peek on .

But no worries, Three Girls On A Budget is not dead. We still love a good bargain and why buy expensive when cheap is just as good? We just wanted a home for our more expensive buys. Not that we are going to go full out on YSL, OPI, Urban Decay and the likes. We have our little ways in getting stuff on the cheap or at least with a few euros discount. That's some stuff we're also going to be sharing on there.

We've had fun the past year. And we would like to thank our lovely subscribers and followers. You are not many but thank you!

We have some nice posts planned for the coming months. We also have something special planned for late October- November. Seeing as we have already showed our geek colours you might guess what it will have to do with, but for now that's all we will be saying about that.
For October expect Hema swatches, Essence swatches, Rimmel swatches and more Edinburgh!

Thank you for reading. We hope you stick with us for an other year and 100 more posts!

Lots of Love
Your 3 Girls