Sunday, 1 September 2013

Update: Edinburgh and what to come!

Hi lovelies,

we've been ever so quiet over the last week and a half. That's because we were preparing to go to Edinburgh on a short city trip and the past five days that's where we were. We had a ball and I don't know about the other girls but I was sad to go and I already miss that wonderful city that I fell in love with.

We did do some damage, I more than Laure and Lilly. We also filmed our first ever shop logs and actually made vlogs that will make it to the internet. A bit disappointingly maybe but these might not be uploaded here but on our new channel that will focus around more expensive brands and how to get them on a budget as some of the products were not within our normal low budget price class. (Don't worry we didn't spent out of character either) I know that in my haul are some great budget buys and I'm currently test driving and I will be reviewing them here.

We had a lovely time and we will talk some more about our experience in the city in the coming week or so. You can also expect to hear more from Laure about her trip to Prague soon.

Some quick (not telling) pictures from our trip:

Lilly - me - Laure
 I might not look like a happy bunny but trust me I was really excited to be going to Edinburgh! This was the picture that came out the best in our first attempt at a selfie...

Some tired smiling going on on the way back...

Lots of Love


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