Friday, 6 September 2013

Swatches | Max Lipsticks Cranberry & Rose Red

A while back I went with my parents to Action and of course I had a look at the make-up section. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but my dad convinced me to buy a two-pack of lipstick. (Totally out of character for my dad! He tries to show an interest for me, but he really doesn't care about make-up.) They had several shades, but there was only one two-pack that spoke to me (and my dad): the one with Cranberry and Rose Red.

Today I got around to photographing and swatching them. Voilà!

Cranberry - Rose Red

Cranberry - Rose Red

Cranberry - Rose Red


As you can see, they're pretty similar in shade, Cranberry being a little darker and more plum.

They feel quite drying and are a little stiff to apply so I would recommend also using some lipbalm when wearing them. If your lips are already dry and chapped, these lipsticks will emphasise it, so some TLC is in order.

They're pigmented and have a semi-matte finish, so not really glossy, but not matte either. A more glossy finish can of course be achieved by adding a lipgloss on top.

 They don't last very long, but they wear away quite nicely, leaving a bit of a stain.

The packaging, as you can see, isn't very glamorous. But the most annoying part is that the lipsticks don't go all the way in the tubes, so you have to be really careful when putting the cap on the lipstick otherwise you'll dent it. On the other hand, this means that you can see what shade you're holding.

The facts
  • application: stiff, quite drying
  • finish: pigmented, semi-matte
  • wear: short, but leaves a stain
  • price: very budget,  € 0,89 for 2 lipsticks
  • cruelty free? yes
  • extra? contains aloë vera and vitamin E

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