Sunday, 8 September 2013

Swatches | GOSH Blue Diamond, Greeny & Bluebell Pigments

Quite a while ago, I bought these pigments. Normally I don't really buy GOSH products because the brand's a little out of my price range. But they were on sale because they are no longer going to be sold in Kruitvat, so I figured I'd give them a go. Ellenore might also write a review about this in the future, seeing as she also bought three and snagged some lovely neutral colours. (Still a little jealous about that... ;D)

Blue Diamond - Greeny - Bluebell

Blue Diamond - Greeny - Bluebell

Blue Diamond - Greeny - Bluebell

In the bottom picture, it looks like Blue Diamond applies chalky, but that definitely isn't the case. I'd just picked up too much product.

As you can see, Blue Diamond and Greeny are very pigmented. Bluebell, sadly, isn't... Which is too bad, because it is my favourite shade out of the three.

I only swatched them, so I can't tell you about the wear or whether they crease... Sorry! (Maybe Ellenore can talk some more about the creasing of these, seeing as she has some experience with all that.)

I have a bit of a strife with them though, and that's because they're so hard to apply! Once you get the product out, it applies smoothly and you can build it, but by the time you got to that point, you've had to put up quite a fight with the packaging. It's really hard to get the pigment out with scattering it all over the place. You really can't dose it, you either get nothing out of the container or a quarter of all the product!
This is certainly not a product to use when you're in a hurry. ;)

The facts
  • application: smooth, easy to blend
  • finish: pigmented (except for Bluebell) and shimmery
  • wear: not tested
  • price: higher end range
  • cruelty free? yes
  • extra? really difficult to dose because of the packaging

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