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Hey lovelies,

Prepare for a long post because there's a lot to say about this one!

This post might be something different then what you are used to from us. I like to believe we give our honest opinion on everything we post here. We're never sponsored or get things sent to us. Every product on here is bought with our own money or given as a gift by family or friends.
A quick read trough our (almost 100!) posts kind of showed me that we are never overly enthusiastic about a product. We love a fair few but there are very few that we can't stop talking about and that we would instead of kindly recommend to you, practically force you to buy (honestly if a product was that good we wouldn't really. Just manner of speaking).

So a bit of a different post then because this thing has stolen our heart and we have nothing but love for it!

The Royal McGreggor is a lovely small pub in the center of Edinburgh. We kind of stumbled upon it when we were looking for something a little more fancy and healthier (debatable though considering what we went for) than McDo.
We were walking the Royal Mile in search for some presents for the home front when we decided to look at the prices for food at the pubs. Maybe not the best idea to have dinner in the busiest touristy street of Edinburgh and then hope for a bargain but still one can dream... We basically wanted something close to the hostel and something quite British. I have been wanting to have fish and chips since forever but somehow managed never to have it...
There is a Garfunkel's (we know this chain from one of our first trips to London and have nothing but love for it) but we had Italian the day before and really wanted a pub so the search was still on.
Laure and I were responsible for checking the pubs on one side of the street and Lilly was doing the other.
Somehow we skipped McGreggor the first time round. Probably because people always seem to sit right in front of the price list so you have to lean over their table to look at price. We're polite girls so we didn't do that, and thus missed McGreggor. Everything else in the street was over budget and night time came and we still hadn't decided. Tired and not wanting to venture far we looked at the MacGregor price list (without the resident tourist in front this time) and we were surprised. They have really decently priced food there! The day before we had drinks there and the waitress was a dream so in we went.

First time at The Royal McGreggor. They have free wifi ;-), can't you tell?

This time we sat at the back. It's not a very big place but so cozy! Lilly and I ordered fish and chips. Laure had made herself some too strong tea and had to drink it too fast because we were going out for dinner and ended up being too full to have dinner :P

Lilly had had the orange juice the night before and loved it so she went for that again. I felt adventurous and went for Irn-Bru, a Scottish soft drink. It's really something special! It's orange and tastes like nothing I have ever tasted before. It also has a very nice smell. Not something I would associate with soft drinks but nice all the same. Lilly had a taste, loved it and ordered one herself. Careful though, I find it slightly addictive :). Being back home now for a couple of weeks and I really want one now but it's nowhere to be found round here.

In what seemed no time our dinner appeared. It was amazing. I was a bit afraid of what it would be like, never having had fish and chips but it way surpassed my expectations. Even the chips were delicious (keep in mind, we're Belgian so that makes for a difficult crowd when it comes to chips). There was some kind of oil or watery substance on our salad that enhanced the flavour of the salad and took away a bit of that bitter taste lettuce can have. Lilly generally does not care for dressings but she liked this one.

After that Laure had gotten the better of her heavy duty tea and was feeling a little peckish. She ordered one of the burgers. This is how it came. We loved the way they presented the dish. Not too fancy but a lot of effort put in showing they care about the food they give you. Laure said it was delicious.

We were having a really good time and were in no hurry to leave so we decided to go for deserts.
I chose the lemon meringue tart or cheese cake I can't really remember, something lemony. Lilly went with some sort of Scottish pudding with ice cream (sticky toffee pudding with Orkney vanilla ice cream). In the end we ended up sharing.

the lemon affair

the Scottish pudding
I really devoured the lemon meringue tart. It was fresh, lemony, sweet and sour... It was just beautiful! The Scottish pudding was a bit to sweet and sticky for me. I'm also not an ice cream lover. Lilly had the pudding together with the ice cream and said it was really delicious like that. I can see how the soft, cool, creamy texture of the ice cream works well with the sweet stickiness of the pudding. We finished the lemon tart but did not manage to eat all of the pudding.

After all this raving about the glorious food you'd think that's why we'd send you to McGreggor if you were ever in Edinburgh but no.
McGreggor's biggest asset in our eyes is their staff. We had 2 lovely waitresses and a lovely bar man and we can't sing their praises enough. They were friendly, gave us advice on the food and drinks, were never pushy, were speedy and most of all seemed to enjoy themselves.
I'm never much of a cafe (we don't really have pubs around here) person. Generally they are too noisy and busy for my liking. Bistros and restaurants make me feel slightly uncomfortable, I never have the feeling that I could sit at a table hours after I've had my meal. McGreggor has none of these things. It was busy (most of the tables were occupied for most of the night) but never too noisy even with a very bouncy 10-12 year old at the table next to us. You were made to feel welcome and at home. We sat there the whole night until closing time on both nights we went there.
The crowd is a mix of tourist and locals. By closing time only a few remain mostly sitting at the front enjoying a lovely cup of coffee, tea or like Laure and I a boozy hot chocolate (we really recommend this! It's absolutely yummy!)

boozy hot chocolate- yum!

Lastly an other fun thing and something that made the I-can-never-throw-anything-away-because-it's-not-ruined-completely-side of me very happy:
Of course we left a tip

They use chipped whiskey glasses as tea light holders! I think that's a very nice idea and definitely a right side more original and classy than the bog standard candles you find in every second cafe here.

So to sum it up: We LOVE The Royal McGreggor. If you're in Edinburgh and you don't really want to go eat out, still go to McGreggor's. If you want to go out for dinner, go to McGreggor's. Simply if you're in Edinburgh, go to McGreggor's. It's fab!

The Royal McGreggor has a website and a facebook page. You can check it out at

A huge post I know but The Royal McGreggor is absolutely worth every letter on this page! You can tell by the sheer number of times I typed McGreggor...

Lots of Love

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