Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Personal | Blog about Prague: Day 2

Sorry that it took so long to get this up. As you probably saw in the previous post by Ellenore, the three of us went on a city trip to Edinburgh which took some planning, hence the delay. But I'm back and I'll try to get the exploits in Prague on the blog. ;)

On the second day, we went to Malá Strana, which is across the river from where we were staying. Prague is divided in two parts by the Vltava river. Malá Strana is the smaller part.

To get there, we went over the Charles Bridge which is the most touristic of all the bridges connecting the two parts. It contains a lot of sculptures, a lot of tourists and a lot of portret artists.

After we'd arrived in Malá Strana, we decided to get off the big (busy) street and find our way in the side streets. Of course, we got lost pretty much immediately... ;) Luckily we also happened upon a church. I love visiting churches (especially when it's really hot: 32° C!), so I was really happy to have a little look inside.

It had a little courtyard with a garden leading up to the church. It's was so nice and peaceful sitting there in the shade. Because of the heat, it was kinda uncomfortable to have my hair down, so I tried a fishtail braid. Not too shabby for a first try. :)

 Later on we saw some more churches, often out of the way and an oasis of peace.

This is the St. Nicolas Church. In a complete contrast to the other churches, it was crawling with people. You could barely get to the doors, so we decided to give it a pass.

Just chillin' by a golden car...

The view on top of the hill where Prague Castle is located is absolutely stunning.

I squeed when I saw this. It just sits there between bigger buildings, neglected by the other visitors, but it was one of my favourite buildings on that hill...

After visiting the Palace and walking around on the hill, we went to the Starbucks that was located next to the Palace square. There we found this sign. :D

Céline, who's Dr. Who obsessed, ordered her drink for 'Dalek'. And she's wearing the nail polish she bought the first day: OPI's Gouda, Gouda, Two Shoes.

After our visit to Starbucks, we made our way back to 'our side'. We wanted to see an exhibition, so we went to the one of Alfons Mucha, who is one of my big idols. 

When we'd oooh-ed and aaaaah-ed at the many postcards, posters and stamps Alfons Mucha had designed, we were both in the mood for some refreshments. Céline had a pint in a little café and I had another lemon/lime drink from the lemonade stand at the market.

After walking around, we decided to have dinner at the Square that houses the Astronomical Clock. Céline wanted a typical Czech dish, so she had the Pork Knee, while I sticked to a chicken salad.

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  1. Sweet little Laurell! Your blogposts are awesome :) I'm going to be posting more about Prague as well, more the cultural aspect like you're doing now, instead of the fashion. AND I'm going to link your blog again :) well done babycupcakes!

    1. Aaaaaw, thanks babycakes, that's sweet.
      Can't wait to read about it! :)