Sunday, 15 September 2013

My very first franken attempt (finally)

Hi everyone,

So I've finally found some spare time to post this. I did this somewhere in July, but was a bit busy lately.

So, I followed the advice from dr. Frankenpolish ( There you can find everything you need to know about frankening, so I won't repeat all the steps here.

These are some of the supplies I gathered to start my first try at frankening. But as I was working, I walked around the house to collect more polishes and stuff. I wanted to create a gift for my two fellow blogger girls, and one for myself off course!

(Read more to see the end results)

I made a purple polish for Laure and a blue one with glitter and some shimmer for Ellenore and me.

Eyeshadow palette by Fashion Pastels
Tiny bottle with clear polish by Max
Black and purple polishes by Max

For the purple one I started with a tiny bottle, half full of clear polish and scratched some purple and dark blue/black eye shadow of an eye shadow palette to mix in the bottle. I put a little too much dark shadow in, but I solved that by mixing in some purple polish. Then it was to light and I then I decided to use black polish to make it darker again.  I didn't want too much eye shadow in the tiny bottle, making sure it would still mix easily. I can't show you swatches, because It's a small bottle and I wanted Laure to have enough polish ;-).

Have an Ice Day by Catrice
Dating a Royal by OPI
Midnight Date by Essence
Tropical Heat (Ticket to Paradise LE) by Essence
Waking up in Vegas (Re-Mix your Style) by Essence
Golden glitter from AVA

For the blue one, I collected a whole lot of products to mix. I wanted something blue and sparkly with golden glitters. I mixed these all randomly together until it looked good in the bottle. I used Waking up in Vegas because I have another bottle of this polish and used Tropical Heat because it looks nicer mixed with other colours than used seperately. I put in Dating a Royal to make sure it would be more opaque in one go. I tried to make it more appealing with Have an Ice Day, but I believe you don't really see it in the end result :-(. Anyway, I'm happy with the result.

Later I created some labels to put on the bottles. The purple one I labeled "All Purples Eve" and the blue one I called "River and the Tardis" simply because Ellenore and I are Doctor Who fans.

This is me wearing River and the Tardis.

The glitters stick to the side of my bottle. My mixing ball is somewhere stuck to the side. I just might have to put an extra ball in. I believe Ellenora had more luck with her bottle. Otherwise I'm really pleased with the result. I thought this first try would be a complete disaster, but it worked out alright.

I hope I inspired some people to go and try frankening, because it's really fun to do. It takes some preparation, but you do get quite proud once you're finished. Even though you just mixed some things together, it really feels like you made something yourself, something unique.


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