Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kleancolor : pastel blue and pastel teal

Hi lovelies,

These pictures have been lying about for a while. They were taken in the first nice weather of this year so that must be around May.

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These are two pastel colour from my very quickly expanded Kleancolour collection. In spring I was obsessed with this kind of colour. I still very much like it but with the hot weather I'm going for bolder colours. I still very much want to share these with you because when I cools down I will be grabbing them again and the pastel trend seems to be far from dead.

First up 141 Pastel Blue:

this is one of the many pastel shades we've seen this spring. However it's blue (like really baby blue) and not a variation on the mint theme that has been going on. I Like this one. It's soft, on trend but a little different.
As pastels are, it was a little sheer. I needed 3 coats. Excuse the paint job. This was the second to last polish when I was on a swatching spree and I needed to get ready to go out. It was a bit sloppy but that was entirely my fault and the polish is not to blame.

Next is 142 Pastel Teal:

This is Pastel Blue's little cousin. I that because to me this colour seems more playful in some way. It's more green toned but still blue, not to sure about teal though... It looks kind of minty in this picture especially compared to Pastel Blue above, but I have to say when wearing this I'm never sure whether I'm wearing blue or teal. They both appear blue but just a different kind. Pastel blue is softer, Pastel teal is more vibrant.
Formula is pretty much the same as Pastel blue, a little on the sheer side, but not runny of goopy in any way.
The paint job on this isn't the best either. This was the last one of the day and I only did 2 coats because things had to move fast.

I wore this polish as a part of a nail art. 4 coats (on some fingers most were 3) with 1 coat of seche vite in between and on top gave full coverage and max shine. I did a flamingo design I saw on Laure's tumblr on 1 finger of each hand an then painted the other nails in this colour. I wore that mani to Edinburgh and a couple of days before we left so in total I was on for about a week. And you know what: no chipping on this polish!!!
I didn't take a bath or do massive cleaning but I didn't spare my nails either. I was planing to photograph it but the flamingo's didn't survive the trip. I might redo it and photograph it for you then.

I'm a little sad these pics don't really do the polishes justice because they are so nice.  Kleancolor for me is glitter polish because they have some unique shades and are easy to get but definitely give these a go too. I would even say skip most of the glitters, you'll get a lot more use out of these!
I get Kleancolor in Zeb in Belgium and from time to time they have great deals. 1.50 euro for a bottle is a steal! Even Essence and Catrice can't touch that anymore! Not on sale I think they range from 3 euro (which is Catrice price) to 3.5 euro.

Lots of Love

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