Sunday, 4 August 2013

The return of Labello: Love therapy diabolo menthe

Hi lovelies,

Labello has gotten back into my heart! Find out how it did that after the jump!

Today I have a lip product for you guys. I'm not such a huge lip balm lover as I don't like the sticky feeling and I absolutely hate lip marks on my glass. I don't really suffer from dehydrated lips. Only this winter with the on going snow I had my first set of chipped lips. Around that time I bought a ton of balms. Among those: Vaseline Original, Vaseline Rose, Burts Bees and a Rituals one. Loads, I know and with my track record you can rest assured most of them are still in almost pristine condition. However I gave my Original to my brother who really likes it and my mom got the Burts Bees (I steel it from her on occasion). The Rituals one is still in its box as my love for the brand doesn't want to see a nice stick melted away in this weather. Melting is also an issue with my Vaseline rose ( I have manage to make a dent in it I love it so).

So I picked up this Labello stick with mint. I love the mint in Burts Bees. It is refreshing and counteracts the greasy feeling of the balm. And also look at that cute dude on the packaging!!! I really like the colours on the cardboard and am a little sad they just did a white outline on the tube itself. Then again it is not shouty and stylish in a quirky way which is totally up my street!
It's no more greasy than any other lip balm. Up to a good 15 minutes it leaves a pleasant tingling feeling. It feels moisturizing but leaves that typical lip balm greasy layer.

I quite like it. I'm curious to see how often I'm going to reach for it.

Have you guys got a favourite lip product?

Lots of love

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