Friday, 2 August 2013

Attempt 1: Galaxy nails

Hi lovelies,

this weekend I had 2 days of and I went for a mani again. As explained I can't do my nails for work and as I work almost every day, all day I can't even sneak in a quick mani. I have been a Doctor Who fan for many years in many degrees but the last couple of years I think I might have graduated to whovian level. To get trough the summer months of no Who there is of course Comic Con. And as Belgium is no where near San Diego (no mater how you hold, fold or trear a map) we had to do by bloglovin almost all Doctor Who blogs and vigorously checking tumblr between shifts to enjoy a bit of the geeky fest. As per every year the cast and crew were lovely in every interview I have so far watched and it made me miss Who just that bit more.

second attempt right hand

first attempt left hand

As a consolation price I thought I would do a galaxy nail art, cause well all of time and space... kind of hard to get on your nails and a galaxy was pretty close I thought.

I'm not very good at this I'm afraid. And that's why it has taken me so long to try it out. Practice makes perfect I guess so that's why I've tackled my other hand, and pretty much every hand that would lie still long enough.

My first attempt wasn't very galaxy like but not totally ugly either (forget about the thumb, don't really know what happened there (in the pictures it's already attempt 2)). I still don't know whether I like them or not. I guess they are very me though, midnight blue and glittery and stuff...

My second attempt was a bit better but still nothing to write home about.

I guess I'll keep practicing because I really love galaxy nails. My own little bit of time and space. I wasn't able to keep them for long. Only half a day.

As for what I used: about half my polish collection maybe that's why I went a bit wrong.

How are the summer mani's going for you guys?

Lots of Love



  1. I really like the mani on your right hand. Your left hand isn't bad, but I think it a bit too crowded (or how do you say this in English?) You did a very good job for your first attempt. I like galaxy nails, but am afraid to try it out, especially now you have such good results for the first time. But, yeah, it's probably true what they say, that practise makes perfect. Maybe I should try it to prove you already have a good result comparing to my skills ;-)

  2. You totally should draw a mini TARDIS on your nails! I like the nails, though it is indeed not very galaxy-ish. But like you said, you'll just have to practice. I'm no where near your level of nailart anyway, so yeah. I also dream of doing galaxy nails one day, but it really is difficult. But, seeing how time is some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, who knows I'll suddenly get shitloads of time to try them. Yay!

  3. Hello there fellow Whovian!
    I like the mini TARDIS idea. I'm definitely taking that for a spin next time round.
    Time might be flying by as we have to bow (pun intended) out a doctor and welcome a new one into our hearts.
    When I get better at this I might film a little tutorial with polishes we have here in Belgium and that are still available. Maybe at the end of this summer.
    Also a little bonus for those who read the (very few, we would love more) comments: I have the most exciting polish to show you guys soon. And to top that it's Doctor Who related and Lilly had a big hand in it!!!!

    1. Oowh, you got me curious! I'm looking forward to more Doctor Who related nailart. I once tried doing a Dalek inspired one, but it ended up looking like enormous crap, so I quickly grabbed the dissolvant and acted like nothing happened. I just went with Laure (from your blog) to Prague and bought nailpolishes in the Sephora...where I found a slighlty TARDIS blue nailpolish, named 'my favourite jeans'. You should like totally ask her about it!
      Also looking forward to the exciting nailpolish :D

  4. There isn't going to be nail art just jet but we do have some vague plans leading up to November....(so existed!!!)
    I've also had a few nail art that have gone terribly wrong and didn't even live long enough to reach the dried stage.
    I hope you guys have some blogs from Prague to show us. As it is I will definitely question the life out of Laure about it. I went there as a teenager and totally fell in love with the city...
    I quickly looked up some swatches of my favourite jeans and you can officially call me jealous what a great 11 TARDIS blue! I think it's the closest I've seen so far, and trust me I've been looking.
    I've had my hands on an OPI polish that leans more to the 9/10 shade of the bluest of blue :P

    The doctor who nail polish post will go up today at midnight if everything goes to plan.