Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer colours, action prices!

Hi everyone,

When I was looking for empty nail polish bottles to start Frankening, I stumbled upon these cuties.
They are mini nail polish bottles from the brand Max and believe it or not, I bought these for only €0,79 at Action. Yes, that's correct. €0,79 for a package of 3 mini bottles of 3,6ml. They come in different colours and they even have some with nail caviar :-P.

The colours don't have names so I'll just call them by their colour. This package contains yellow (with a tiny bit of shimmer in it), a light blue and green. The three of them are very bright and vibrant :-). I put the blue on my middle finger, yellow on my index and ring finger and you can find green on my thumb and pinkie.

I originally bought these because I'd remove the polish so I could use the bottles for Frankening, but I thought I'd give them a try at first. I didn't think they were any good because of the very low price, but boy, did they surprise me!!! They are easy to apply and only need two coats to be opaque. The blue one is even almost completely opaque after the first coat. And I also thought that the yellow one would need more coats, but no. The green and yellow are a bit streaky after the first coat (they feel more like a gell like substance when wet, unlike the blue one), but you barely see that (if anything at all) after the second coat.

I'm happy with this result, more so because I thought they wouldn't be any good. Now I don't know what to do. Continue my search for empty bottles, pour these in other containers so I can both keep these colours and start Frankening or just throw the polish away and use the bottles.
Anyone want to offer some advice? Any suggestions? I'm really not sure what to do now :-(.


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