Friday, 5 July 2013

Shoplog | Lush Tins

Hi sweeties,

Today I went into the city to buy some presents for Ellenora's birthday bash tomorrow and (as always) I also  entered the Lush store. I have so little self-control... I can't help it! If a shop sells soap, I have to at least take a look inside and Lush is like my soap Mecca. It's an urge that won't be stopped... ;)

This time I didn't go (completely) over board and I limited my purchases to three tins to hold some of my Lush products. I got a Shampoo Bar tin, a Massage Bar tin and a Body Butter tin.

The Shampoo Bar tin is the round one, holding Trichomania (solid shampoo), the square tin is the Body Butter tin (with Karma soap) and in the oval Massage Bar tin is the Each Peach massage bar.

I'll probably do a review on the Lush products I have, but I might put those up on the new separate blog we plan on launching soon. But that's still in the works so no spoilers. ;)

Lots of ♥,

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