Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sephora haul

Hi lovelies,

This article has been co-written by Lilly and Ellenore because this is a (almost) collective haul. Because we will have no time doing a video together as we both start our summer jobs this week, this seemed like the best solution.

Also this will be the first and the last of this kind of posts on this blog. Sephora is not such a budget friendly shop. We did overdo it a bit and we didn't even buy that much (2 items each). However if you guys still want to read about these things, we'll be starting another blog about more high end/ expensive products and how to get those on a budget.
I know we announced this a while ago but trust us it's coming. Today Laure granted me a sneak peak at the logo for the site and I can tell you it's looking nice. Really classy!
So because of all this there will be no swatches or reviews on this blog, but they will be one or even the first post on the new blog.

As you can tell on the bag it says sephora.fr. We don't have any in Belgium and since Lilly and I live pretty close to the border we went shopping in France. Displaying our horrible French :p

Our collective haul: Left Lilly's stash, right Ellenore's stuff.

I bought the n°71 "Dreamy Blue" Sephora eyeshadow that was on sale (only €2,00) and a bottle of OPI called "Dating a Royal". I took the eyeshadow home with me because I'm starting to experiment with Franken polishes and also because then I can match my nails with my eyes ;-). I didn't plan on buying nail polish, and certainly not such an expensive one as OPI (I've just started at my summer student job, there's no leftover money on the bank I'm afraid :-( ) but I just couldn't resist this one. I had seen this polish on another forum or blog (don't remember which one) described as Tardis blue. And I have to say, this colour regenerates through the day. In the sunlight it's a nice vibrant bright blue (I'm wearing it now, while sitting on the train going home, with the sun on my face :-D) while at night under artificial lighting, It becomes a much darker, almost blackish blue. I love it! Even though I still cringe inside when I remind myself how much it costs (I had promised myself not to spend more than €3,00 per polish, auwch).
I got a bare minerals box and also a bottle of OPI. They might look similar but they are not. Mine is called I saw...You saw... We saw.. Warsaw. Boy what a name! It's darker and more gray/green than Lilly's. We were supposed to each get half of each bottle, but arriving home Lilly's bottle looked to much like Catrice's Pool party at night that I have to decant the bottles. The reason for this: my ever lasting obsession to find the prefect TARDIS blue. My bottle comes very close to one shade of the infamous space craft. Lilly's comes close to another. (For those who don't know, almost each Doctor has his own TARDIS in a different shade of the bluest of blue)

In my bare minerals box I had 2 eye colours, one blush, one eye liner and one lip gloss. The colours are: Mademoiselle and Splendid eye colours, Sweet cheeks blush, Midnight eyeliner and Exuberance lip gloss.

Also in the bag were 2 samples of Lacoste perfume for men. Ellenore's were taken by the brother. Lilly only got one sample and she gave it to her dad.

We had a brill day out going to France. We also did some hair henna'ing. More to come about that (it includes some hilarious and yucky pictures).

The fact that's only an almost haul is because we actually went to get Laure's beloved 25 Porcelain Sephora eye shadow. Unfortunately it was sold out in both shops we went to :(

Lots of Love

Lilly and Ellenore

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