Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nail Art | Pacific Rim

These last few weeks have been hot, hot , hot so it might seem a little strange that I went to the cinema when the weather was so warm. But in my defense, the Pacific Rim trailer looked visually stunning and I'd heard so many people gush about it, so I just had to see it.

I was not disappointed. The trailer makes it seem very Transformer-ish, but it's not. It's still a summer blockbuster of course, but the fights are visually organised and easy to read and there's more emotional depth to the characters than is typical for summer blockbusters. I can really recommend it if you're into sci-fi/action movies.

The main characters (Mako Mori and Raleigh Becket) are very accessible and interesting. Together they pilot a Jaeger (giant robot) called Gipsy Danger to fight the Kaijus (giant monsters), that emerge from a rift in the Pacific Ocean with a mission to destroy mankind. Jaegers try to hold these creatures back and defend the cities that are in the Pacific Rim.

I just fell in love with Gipsy Danger. She's such a magnificent piece of machinery and she was beautifully rendered in each scene she was in.

I immediately knew I would be making a nail art featuring her "logo".  As you can see, I used the picture above as my reference for the logo on my ring finger.

First I painted the little star in the middle. Then I painted the shield surrounding it and finally I painted the wings. Once this was dry, I made a white dot in the middle of the star so that the red I used over it would pop. (Pop Pop!)

Then I painted "Gipsy" on my index finger and "Danger" on my middle finger with white nail polish.

As you can see, my typography needs some practice, but I'm happy with Gipsy's logo.

Nail polish used:
  • Yves Rocher Correction Shine and Fill Base Coat 
  •  Yves Rocher Anti-Breakage Nail Strengthening Base Coat 
  •  Essence White Tip Painter 
  •  Catrice Pool Party At Night 
  •  Essence Kiss On Top Of The Rock 
  •  Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine

As you can see, my cuticles are not doing so well, even though I've been applying creams. Guess the summer and heat aren't the best for my nails...

I hope you like my Gipsy Danger nails. I had a lot of fun doing them.
Have you been to the movies lately? What movie did you see and did you like it?

Lots of ♥,


  1. Darling! I love this nailart! I'm going to check this movie next Thursday, so kind of excited about it since you did a nailart of really must be splendid indeed. We totally should do a mani together!

    1. Thanks so much, sweetie. I'm glad you like it. I'm pretty sure you'll like the movie too. :)
      Can't wait to see you friday!