Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nail Art | 90s Birthday Bash


So I told you in my previous post that I was going to Ellenore's birthday party. She held it with a friend and the theme was 90s (our childhood), so of course I needed a fitting manicure. I scoured the internet for some inspiration and found a manicure I could base my nail art on.

As you can see, I took a picture of my right hand so I did the nail art with my left hand. It wasn't easy because I'm dexterous, but it ended up working so I'm gonna try more complicated designs with my left hand in hopes of becoming better at it.

You can see some damage and tipwear because I took this picture the day after the party.

I used:

  • basecoat + topcoat
  • Essence: Black Is Back
  • Essence: You Belong To Me
  • Catrice: Meet Me At Coral Island
  • Berangé: Yellow
  • Essence: White Tip Painter
The party ended up being a lot of fun, as I'd predicted. ;) Ellenore, Lilly and the other birthday girl had a bake-off in preparation of the festivities, so yummy food galore! There was so much that we were able to have dessert for breakfast the next morning! That just screams successful party to me. :)

Lots of ♥,

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