Thursday, 4 July 2013

My first try at stamping!

Last nightI decided I’d try my Hollywood Nail Kit and stamp my nails for the first time. (I had wanted to try this eversince Laure posted “Mistleto(e)gether”).

This device refused to work properly, the rubber kept falling out and the springs that are part of the “printing” piece kept getting stuck which made stamping almost impossible. So I decided that I’d go the old fashioned way and just use the template and the rubber.

I’ll probably make a tutorial for this device (or a video of how it all falls apart) and show you how I work. For now, I only have a picture of the result (sorry for the bad photo quality, I didn't have my good camera close by).

My dad tookthis picture in our garden, so this is natural light on a clouded grey day ;-)

I used theswirly lines from the HN05-A template. Pretty neat for a first time right J? I’ll try more of this in thefuture.

The basecoat is 02 Shopping @ Portobello road from the Essence Vintage District LE andI used 7 Pearl Silver from Kleancolor for stamping. Pearl Silver is very easyto work with. I didn’t have to work extremely fast, it didn’t completely dry onthe rubber, but it dried fast enough. Yep, Pearl Silver will be used again inthe future for stamping purposes ;-).

I'll try to post more stamping try outs when I stamp my nails again ;-).


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  1. I can really tell you adore shopping@portobello road. I hardly see you wearing anything else :P
    It turned out a lot nicer than my attempts at stamping. You will have to do that tutorial video now :)