Thursday, 18 July 2013

Long awaited: Gold polish collection part 1

Hi lovelies,

I know I promised this post a long time ago but lots of things have come between it each time. Like buying more gold polish, exams, lost camera's... (well only one lost camera, but you get the spirit).

Prepare yourself for a massive amount of pictures after the jump!!

I decided to split it into 2 sections because I have a ton gold polish. It's the second largest group after the red/pinks.
I just love gold. As a little girl I used to despise it, not liking any of my mother's gold jewelry. Now I can't get enough of it. Not really on any other front than make up, the jewelry is coming along also, but at the moment mostly earrings.

First up the Catrice polishes:

OH MY goldness:

this polish is the darkest gold one I own. Most gold polishes are pretty sheer and this one is no exception. I needed 4 coats, or 3 thick ones. What I don't like on the new Catrice and Essence polishes is they bubble like crazy. Especially when you have to use more than 2 coats.
I found that using a q tip or cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to rub over the bubbles gets rid of most of them. However if I try to give it a last coat, hello there bubbles....
But all in all I really like the colour on this. Laure has this polish too and I have never heard her complain about bubbling so maybe I have a bad one.

The GlamoureX Factor:
This one seems to be the exeption to the new Catrice formula. This doesn't bubble on me. Maybe because I can get away with 2 thicker coats. I really like this one. It's more of a silvery/ white gold colour. I kind of depends on the light I guess. Laure had a comparison that included this polish here.

Genius in a bottle:
This one is an older one. I bought it last year and loved it in the bottle. Once on the nail though I was disappointed. The duo chrome effect almost totally disappeared. The bit that's still showing actually gives a bit of a weird and scruffy finish as seen on my middle finger in the pictures below. This was actually full coverage but the duo chrome effect kind of makes it look like it isn't.
Despite it's flaws I still kind of like it. I might not wear this as a full mani, I might still go for it as an accent nail.
4 coats to get full, extra sure coverage.

Essence A piece of forever:
This was an Essence LE: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II. Lilly loves this polish as it is one of her stamping polishes. I have used it for that purpose and it's good. Not brilliant but good. I wouldn't wear it as a full mani. Even though it's the most unique (as in a totally other finish) of the shades I don't feel like it's special enough. It doesn't go glam as the other shades do but it's not toned down enough to be classy. Still as a base or detail colour for nail art this is fab. This is 3 coats.

O.P.I. Goldeneye:
This is one of the the big shots of my collection. Together with a polish from part 2 my favourite Gold polish. I can look at this one forever. I could wear this almost everyday too. And I know what you are saying: Ellenore, O.P.I is not exactly budget. Well, my dad got me this in the Bonded set when he was in the US (I know: awesome dad) and all in all this came down to 6 euro-ish. I love this polish and I'm not alone. I get lots of compliments when wearing this, even from guys. The camera doesn't do it justice. There is so much going on in this polish. I needed 4 coats to get this opacity but it could have done with another coat. These are very fine coats though, this polish doesn't do slapping on. I can't tell you enough how much I love this polish.
And good news for the budget lovers among us: Sephora has sales on this polish. I know for a fact that the Roubaix store still has multiple bottles (well they did on the 11th of july).

H&M Glam Gold:
This one is my third fave gold polish. In real life it's very close to the Goldeneye. In the pictures you can see what this one lacks: depth. Goldeneye has the same appearance in daylight but has the depth you see in the picture above. This one is a pretty good "dupe" (as in this is probably as close as you'll get on a tight budget). This was about 4 or 5 euro's I think but you might have some trouble getting your hands on this one. It came out, I think, November 2012 and sold out pretty quickly at my local H&M. Only one of the 2 stores in my area carried this polish. It came with a topcoat kind of polish that will feature in my part 2 of this series.

So as a bit of a teaser: next gold galore will feature Glam Golds twin Glam Glitter and the polish that competes with Goldeneye for the tittle of most amazing gold polish ever.

This was a huge post! If you guys reached the end let me know in the comments below!
In a few weeks I will post the second part. I hope I can do I sooner but I only have the weekends to do swatches because for my summer job I can't wear any polish at all.

What are your favourite gold polishes?

Lots of Love


  1. Sorry to disappoint, Ellenore... I still have the old formula/bottle of Oh My Goldness, so I can't tell you whether yours is a bad batch or whether the new formula is off.

    OMYGAWD, I can't wait to get my swap package(s) and get my hands on GoldenEye! Each time I see it, my heart flutters. Such a rich polish! It makes me swoon ;)

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  3. Mine is also the "old" formula. Mine is older than yours. I bought mine as soon as it came out. What I mean with new formula is the polishes that were new to the winter 2012 (don't shoot me if this isn't the right date) collection. Actually it was the collection change I conciously noticed. It was about the same time I noticed the change in the essence LE pollishes. After a quick look around the net I found out I'm not the only one a bit dissapointed by the "new" Catrice polishes...