Sunday, 28 July 2013

Caviar Nails Part 2

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I showed you Max Caviar Nails in black. Today I have the multi coloured seed beads for you.

The box contains the same black base and clear top coat as the black Caviar nails. The beads vary in colour from blue, green, red, yellow, pink, gray, orange and white. The also have different sizes.

I apologise for my dehydrated hands and cuticles. I blame the warm weather.

I like both the black and muli coloured ones. The muli coloured ones are easier to see, but the black ones also have a certain appeal.

You can simply remove these beads with regular nail polish remover. I didn't put the clear topcoat over the beads though, thinking it would ruin the look and feel. You can even recycle these beads. You remove them from your fingers and put them in a small cup (or something alike) and pour some more nail polish remover (you can use acetone, but that's not really neccessary) on top. Then you rub the remaining polish off with a cloth. And they're as good as new.



  1. I really like this! But I wondered if the beads stay long enough? Because when I first saw this set, I feared that they may come off, which would be a shame!

  2. It depends on how much you use your hands. If you don't do much else besides typing you're good for at least a day. I haven't tried sleeping with this mani, but I believe you might lose some beads thanks to friction with your pillow or something. I wouldn't recommend wearing this when working in the garden, I'm pretty sure you'll lose the beads ;-). This is a good mani to go out, I think. After one evening of fun, I believe you can recycle most of your beads.