Saturday, 27 July 2013

Caviar nails part 1

Hi everyone,

I promised to show you more Max products from the Action store.

Today I'll show you my first box of Max Caviar Nails. It contains 3 bottles and was also just €0,79 like my previous reviewed mini polish bottles box.

The first bottle is a completely black base coat. This black is super easy to apply and is 100% opaque after only one coat. Talk about good coverage, it's amazing. It also has an appealing shine, so don't worry if you don't like the caviar stuff, you can still use the black as a regular polish or even a stamping polish. It's a very thick substance, but liquid enough for easy appliance.

The next bottle is the clear top coat. This goes over the black basecoat so you can pour the seed beads on it (make sure the clear top coat is still wet when doing this). To make sure you don't spill too much of the seed beads, place a cup or bag underneath to catch the beads that don't stick and fall off. Let it dry for a bit (you can put a tiny bit of pressure on the beads to make sure they stick) and then brush off any excess beads.

The third bottle is off course the one with the seed beads in it. This packaging contains dark gray/ black beads. The bottle is the same one like the polishes, but it doesn't contain a brush considering you need to pour the beads out of the bottle.

The black is only one coat with no top coat. My ring finger got one coat of black polish and one clear top coat which holds the beads.

And voila, these are budget friendly caviar nails.


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