Thursday, 4 July 2013

Swatches | Berangé Yellow

Hi sweeties,

As Ellenora has already mentioned, we went shopping on saturday and I bought some beauty items I thought I'd show you.

Swatches behind the jump.

We went to Auchan in Roncq which is about 15 min from Kortrijk, because a lot of products (e.g. drinks, certain make-up brands,...) are cheaper in France than in Belgium. Those lucky girls and guys! ;D

While we were there, we found the cutest bottles of nail polish for €1! They contain 4,5 ml (0.152 fl.oz.), so I figured I'd get the yellow colour to use in nail art. When I saw the pink-ish red, I couldn't resist so I also grabbed that one. They don't have names and although they have numbers on the bottom of the bottles, I don't think they're the "names", seeing as Ellenora and I both picked up the yellow polish, but they have different numbers (mine is n° 35 and Ellenora's is 48).

While at Auchan, I also bought the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate. I'd been dying to try it after reading great reviews and watching other bloggers gush about it, so I went for it and picked a shade that isn't available in Belgium. I'll try to get a review up soon. ;) If I like it, I might also get On And On Bronze. 

Afterwards we went to Action, where I got the Max foundation which was dirt cheap. (I got it for €0,98)

I've already tried the yellow Berangé polish, so here are the swatches:

It was opaque in 2 thick layers, which is about par of course for yellow polishes. I was able to wear it for about three days without chipping or tipwear, which isn't great, but it's also not to terrible for its price.

All in all, if you want to try out a colour without breaking the bank, these polishes are very suitable. 

Lots of ♥,

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