Sunday, 14 July 2013

Berangé Paris mini part 3

Hi everyone,

As Laure and Ellenora have mentioned, we went to Auchan and bought some mini polishes. I took home 5 colours of the Berangé Paris Make Up mini vernis stand.

You want to see some swatches?

I bought black, 3 types of blue and red. I applied 2 coats on each finger. With 2 coats, the darker colours are completely opaque, but the lighter blues are still a tiny bit see-through. They apply easy enough and dry quickly (especially when you’re sitting in the garden with an outside temperature of at least 25°C).

My red bottle is almost empty, because I used it to paint small red flowers on a part of Ellenora’s birthday gift. I forgot to take some pictures of it, maybe Ellenora will take some for me so I can put them in de DIY section of our blog. I made her a birdhouse shaped tealight holder.


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