Sunday, 21 July 2013

Belgian National Day Nail Art!

Hi everyone,

As Laure has mentioned, today is Belgian National Day and King Philip’s accession. So I thought I’d do some nail art. Off course, I used the colours of the Belgian flag ;-).

I used some rhinestones from the Hollywood Nails Stamping Kit.

These are the polishes and tools I used. The polishes are (from left to right):
  •           Essence Snow Jam LE 04 Top of the Ice-stream
  •           Essence Studio Nails Ultra Gloss Nail Shine
  •           Max Make Up mini nail polish bottle in black
  •           Max Make Up mini nail polish bottle in yellow
  •           Kleancolor 18 Neon Yellow
  •           Berangé Make Up Paris mini in red
  •           Essence Studio Nails Pro White Nail Hardener
  •           Kleancolor 88 Firework
  •           Essence Nail Art Stampy Polish 001 Stamp me! White
  •           Rhinestones and Nail Art pencil/dotting tool from the Hollywood Nails Stamping Kit.

I put on Pro White Nail Hardener on all of my nails as a base coat to prevent yellowing of my nails. On my pinkie and thumb I started with Stamp me! White as an opaque base colour so I could easily put Top of the Ice-stream on top. My index finger only holds one coat of the Max black (It’s very pigmented and opaque in only one thin coat). On my middle finger I started with the Max yellow as a base colour so I wouldn’t have to put on 4 or more coat of Neon Yellow on top. After Max yellow, one coat of Neon Yellow was enough. There are 2 coats of the red Berangé polish on my ring finger. Then I put Firework on top of the white on my pinky. When that dried I put A black, yellow and red rhinestone on top, ditto for my thumb, with Ultra Gloss Nail Shine as glue. And last but not least, I put on Ultra Gloss Nail Shine as topcoat to finish.

What do you think? Anyone else tried Belgian nail art today? Have some of you gone to Brussels to see the new King?


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