Friday, 26 July 2013

Action prices part 2

Hi everyone,

Last time I showed you the mini nail polish bottles from Max that I bought at the Action store. Well, I bought more then just that package. They were only €0,79 so who can blame me, right?

Today I have the package with purple, pink and a darker blue than last time.

I've put pink on my thumb and pinkie, purple on my index and ring finger and the blue on my middle finger.

The pink is much brighter than the other two colours, but still, it's a good combination. This pink is almost completely opaque after one coat (about 90%) and is easy to apply.
The purple one is already 80% opaque after 1 coat. Also easy to apply.
The blue is completely opaque after one coat, very easy and smooth to apply.
The brushes are easy to use and spread the polish evenly.


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