Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Action haul

A couple of weeks ago I went to Action and picked up a few bits and bobs. I know we are a bit Action crazy but it's such a good shop for budget make up!

a quick overview after the jump. Swatches/ more elaborate reviews will follow in an upcoming post.

I hope you guys have been liking our frequent posting. It's requiring some planing but we're getting there. If one week we do trip up it's because both Lilly and I have some long days on our summer jobs.

Shopping is a bit low right now because of a verrrry tight (that's why the summer job :) ) but I will go sales shopping with mom on Saturday.

First up:
a box like nail file. Super cheap. There were 2 in the package for less than a euro.

Coarse side for the nail edge.
Medium side to remove ridges.
Fine side to smoothen out the nail.
Polish to get great shine.

Next up green apple nail polish pads:

Mini review: I really like these. A bit on the thin side but a great buy, definitely for that price.

Last: Max Eye Pencils

These are mixed emotions for me. Swatches coming soon. I love to love these but they have their past against them. What I mean by that will become clear soon.

I know this is a bit of cryptic and nondescript post but I wanted to tease...

Lots of Love


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