Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer breeze!

Hi everyone,

Today was a hot day and I couldn't help thinking about taking a walk on the beach where there would be a nice cool summer breeze. Oh, how I wish. We're preparing for our final sort of exam (a presentation), so a quick trip to the beach was out of the question. Instead I decided to post these 2 swatches who remind me of the sky and sun when sitting on the beach near the ocean.

11 Blue Pearl by Kleancolor
This nice cool blue one is Blue Pearl. It has a little bit of a tiny white-blue shimmer in it. This color reminds me of a clear blue sky. I used only one coat, it's streaky and it's not completely opaque. A second application would probably have made it opaque. This polish reminds me a bit of 7 Pearl Silver I reviewed last year (Kleancolor 7 Pearl Silver). And it's not just the name, but the quality of it also.

18 Neon Yellow by Kleancolor
This bright yellow one is Neon Yellow, which reminds me of the summer sun. In the picture I'm wearing 4 coats because I wanted it to be really bright. It's quite a transparant polish, so if you want to go for the full effect, you should use more than 2 coats of Neon Yellow. It's definitely a summer colour.

Oh, how I just can't wait to go to the beach to take a walk with my dog.


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