Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shopping @ Portobello Road

02 Shopping @ Portobello Road, Vintage District LE. by Essence

Hi everyone,
A while ago, I took pictures of this gorgeous Essence Vintage District LE. Shopping @ Portobello Road. It’s my new favourite “I don’t have time to paint my nails but I don’t want to leave with my nails bare” polish. It just needs one coat to be completely opaque and it’s super easy to apply AND dries really quick. It doesn’t run and doesn’t smudge. It stays exactly where you apply it. You can put it on and not even be 5 minutes late ;-).

The colour varies between blue and green. I photographed it in white LED light and it’s a nice blue. But when there is a more yellowish light, it tends to get a more greenish look. So it varies between turquoise blue and turquoise green! So it’s a polish that fits me perfectly, considering I have lots of greens and blues in my wardrobe!

Because the weather decided to extend winter, skip spring and jump right into summer, I’m wearing sandals again and I must have hit my toes somewhere or ran the door over them (again), so now I’m left with a white discolouring on 3 of my toe nails. Luckily, this polish exists. I was able to quickly make my toes presentable and leave wearing my favourite sandals.
So if you’re in the need of a one coat quick fix. This polish will satisfy ;-)

I took more pictures and swatched more of my new purchases. I’ll be posting them soon.

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