Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nail Art | Teen Wolf

Hi sweeties!

Pretty soon (on monday June 3rd) the third season of Teen Wolf starts airing in the US!

So in honour of this occasion, I made a simplistic manicure. I took the triskelion that's been featured in the show and tried free-handing it on my ringfinger. On my thumb I tried the Alpha triskelion and on the rest of my nails I did a gradient.
I started out with the manicure being shiny, but ended up mattifying it.

Sadly I accidentally deleted most of my thumb pictures, so the one I'll post is a little blurry and the light isn't ideal. Sorry!

Anyway, here are the pictures!

With Topcoat


Hope you all like it! If you want me to draw a tutorial of how I did the triskelion, leave a comment and I'll make one (also for the alpha triskelion).

Lots of ♥,

Are there any (summer) shows you're looking forward to?
Have you ever made a manicure in honour of a tv show or movie?

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