Sunday, 30 June 2013

Man-i-cure | ZebStyleLab navy blue

Hi lovelies,

Last couple of weeks have been kind of hectic but the good kind. We had to hand in a paper and a presentation, Laure and I did an acceptance exam (we'll have a VERY short vlog about that up on our new/ still non existing youtube channel), we got the results for our DAE exams. Because we had the internship we didn't see most of the people in our class. We met up with lots of them and got carried away chatting about all we had learned in the past 4 months.
We also want to give a shout out to our lovelies DAE colleagues (not that they will read it, most of them, just to say not all of them are boys): You guys were amazing. We will miss you all so much and we hope will still meet up.

Read more about our last couple of weeks in DAE and our man loving polish habits after the jump!

When we went to our school to hand in our paper and presentation we ran into Joey. "Suddenly Joey" for the initiated. We love him so much and missed him while he was away in Germany. We will miss him even more as he has a job there now. But before we could let him go back, too far away from us, Laure had to keep a promise she made him over a year ago. She said she would do his make up.
We only got as far as the nails as it kind of was a spur of the moment thing ("Has anyone got some make up on him/her." Steph (fellow DAE'er and internbuddy): "Ellenore always has nail polish stashed somewhere...") But he still looked more than fab!!!!

Look at the nice pictures Laure took afterwards:

The polishes used were:
-Essence 24/7 base coat (oh yeah we went all the way, base coat and all)
-ZebStyleLab in Navy Blue
-Essence better than gel nails top sealer.

So what do you guys (yeah we're talking to you men) and girls (of course) think about this new topic? Would you like to see more of these? If we can convince any more victims to lend their hands. We can tell you no Joeys were harmed in the making of this post. Actually we think he kind of enjoyed it :)

Lots of ♥


Lots of Love

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  1. Oh Joey, how we love him. Next time we have to bring more colours, Kasper wanted gold nails ;-)