Sunday, 2 June 2013

L'oreal: a quick mani!

Hi lovelies,

Just a quick post this for once rather sunny Sunday (Yay spring or maybe even summer is finally arriving!).
This is a quick mani with some of the L'oreal polishes (and other) I posted about yesterday!

Yesterday I shared my L'oreal swatches and I was supposed to post this mani alongside it but I just forgot.
This was actually a quick fix for some tip wear that I was having after a whole week of wearing L'oreal's Exotic Canaries.
I did this at the office. I keep a jam jar filled with some nail stuff in my bag. It gives me the ability to fix up some defects in my manicure or just play around when I get bored during my break :P (Maybe I'll do a post about my jam jar, I kind of gone to love the thing :) )

This mani isn't all L'oreal however. The yellow and green are L'oreal but there's also Yves Rocher and Essie

So this is what I did:
Swatched L'oreal - Exotic Canaries and really liked it so kept it on my nails :)
To cover the tip wear I just used a small Van Gogh watercolour artist brush. Mine is the Red Sable Round and I have one in size 0 an 00 (series 171 to be really precise). They really don't have to be those but I can find them in my local shop and the small sizes are quite cheep. Also as a watercolour painter I've adored the Van Gogh brushes for years. I also watch out for sales in my art shops. There are a number I go to and now and then they have great sales on some superb brushes.
I used 3 different Yves Rocher shades from a limited edition form a while ago and one Essie shade, the only shade I own because Essie is so expensive....

On my:
thumb: Yves Rocher - 52 Soleil bleu
index: Essie - 51 Berry Naughty
middle: L'oreal - 303 Green Couture
ring: Yves Rocher- 43 Pourpre
pinky: Yves Rocher- 22 Terre de feu

I sealed everything with my fave top coat Essence's studio nails better than gel nails top sealer (the old one) In the new collection you can choose between high shine (green label) and fast drying (blue label). I picked the blue one up yesterday on a shopping trip with my mom. The old one was pretty shiny so I didn't feel I wanted extra shine and for an impatient person fast drying is always a huge plus. I used it on my index finger and I have to say it's nice. I might do a comparison between the old one and the new one. Or maybe a comparison between all the top coats I own...

It's nothing special this mani, but i adds a little colour. My mom really liked it. She likes plain colours and just a tad of something different and I think that's what this mani is. Just one step up from plain nails, quick and easy and just a little quirky.

What do you guys think? Do you guys like these simple manis or do you prefer more intricate nail art? (I have on good authority that Laure has one of those lined up and my god it is sublime!!!)
Would you like a comparisons between the old and new better than gel top sealer or an all round top coat show down?
Let us know in the comments! Don't be shy, we would love to here from our readers!

Lot of Love

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