Saturday, 1 June 2013

L'oreal Colour Riche Swatches

Hi Lovlies,

it has been a while again but I have a good few post lined up for you guys. First up, some swatches of L'oreal Colour Riche polishes.

Swatches of Shocking Pink, Lush Tangerine, Exotic Canaries, Purple Disturbia and Green Couture after the jump!

I don't own many of them because I find them to be on the expensive side. They go for 5.99 euros but they only contain 5ml. That's one of the minuses on them. On the plus side they carry a lot of nice and unique shades.

First up 210 Shocking Pink!

Shocking pink is a very vibrant bright pink. Kind of a Barbie shade. Pinks aren't my cup of tea, specially not these kind, but is still secretly like this polish.
Formula is really good on this one. 2 coats for full coverage. The Colour Riche polishes have a nice wide brush however on some of my nails this kind of works against me.
This one and the next one belong to my mum. She adores these and wears them a lot in summer.

Next 303 Lush Tangerine:

This one is a nice bright orange. Not shouty, kind of classy. Its a bit more subdued than real tangerine colour but I really like it. This one is also opaque in 2 coats. It also levels out quite easily. Gives a nice smooth surface. As you can see the polish is really shiny. I was on the train when I took these picture and in some of them you can see a lot of the station. In my ring finger you can see the clock tower of Gent-Sint-Pieters :D

302 Exotic Canaries:

Ah the tricky one of the collection. I absolutely love this colour!!! It's such a nice shade of warm sunny yellow. The moment I saw it I was in love with this colour. But here's the but. The formula on this one is't too great. It's a lot sheerer than the other shades. I needed a good 4 coats to get a nice and even coverage. I know yellows are tricky colours but come on 4 to 5 quite thick coats? I went through about a 5th of my bottle and I've only worn this as a full many 2 times. I'm not a very patient person so I had to start over twice because of the many coats. I also takes forever to dry because of that. And it makes for a rather thick layer of polish. On my dominant hand the polish came of in 2 large chunks after 2 or 3 days, can't really remember. My other hand is fine though after a long week. Just a bit of tip wear. I did put a topcoat over it and a base coat to start with.
I'm still not quite sure about this one. Even though I love it so much I would probably not repurchase it.

512 Purple Disturbia:

A other one of those beauties! This was the other polish I really fell in love with in the shop. I bought this on sale with Exotic Canaries. I think in the end I payed 8 euro's for both.
I really like the depth of this one. It's different from the other ones because of the shimmer in it. It goes form a sort of deep blue to a rich purple. Also a lovely shine to this one. A one coater if you apply carefully. The pictures really don't do it justice. To bad I don't have may things that go with it in my wardrobe or this would be my mani for most of my life :P

Last but definitely not least: Green Couture

This is the first one I bought. I needed a green shade like this for a nail art I was going to do. I paid full price for this one. It's a lovely creme and a really unique shade of green. I'm not really into greens either but I love this one. It is rather more sheer than the others and I used 3 coats. It was one of the easiest to apply. Also not best friends with my wardrobe but still I make it work, because it such a nice polish.

Overall I still don't quite know where I stand on these polishes. I love most of the shades, and they are among the nicest that I own, but the coverage on some isn't great and the price tag is a bit above what I would normally spend.
However the do make me feel quite chique and sophisticated when I'm wearing them.
Also, as I'm a sucker for packaging, I really like the bottles. They are sleek and elegant. The gold lid is very sturdy and there is no text littering the bottle which I really like. The glass is also nice and solid, and the long square shape is a nice change.

If you don't mind the 6 euro price tag, they are definitely worth a go.

What do you guys think about Colour Riche? Have you tried them? What are your experiences with them?

Lots of Love

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